The association of the Greek professional saxophone musicians in Greece was established in 2015,is a non profit organisation which has its base in Lamia.

The shared love for the saxophone and the goal of this organisation is to promote this musical instrument in Greece. It also wishes to elevate both the monetary and morale needs of its members to develop a spirit of solidarity and generally promote the cultural level of the country as for as music is concerned.

Anybody can become a member of this association not only professional saxophonists who hold a recognised degree from music schools in Greece Cyprus or abroad (and reside in Greece or Cyprus) but also talented professional musicians without a degree of the necessary qualifications but who are nevertheless distinguished in the field of jazz traditional music as well as post graduates of well established concervatories.

The administrative board of the association as it was formed from the elections on 10-12-2022  is as follows :

President:                                     Stathis Mavrommatis

Vice President:                            Xenofon Avramoglou

Secretary:                                      Thanasis Fisekis

Deputy Secretary:                      Dimitris Tselios

Treasurer:                                      Stella Arabatzoglou

Members:                                      Dimosthenis Palamidas, Antonis Fotiadis